During the development of this LIFE HEALTHY FOREST project, the system designed for the early detection and sustainable management of the main diseases that affect European forests currently: Canker pathogens (Fusarium circinatum, Diplodia spp), Pathogens of the rooting system (Armillaria complex, Heterobasidion annosum) and the main European defoliating diseases, causing the bands (Dothistroma septosporum, Lecanosticta acicola and D. pini. has been implemented.

Conventional methods for disease detection and evaluation of plantation and forest management systems have been based on visual assessment of symptoms and damage, both in the laboratory and in the field, which are sometimes somewhat arbitrary and time consuming. Physiological, molecular and remote sensing methods are a very useful complement to identify and characterize disease causing organisms and detect symptoms and their impact in the initial stages of disease development.

Using all these methodologies LIFE HEALTHY FOREST has implemented:

Population studies of the main forest diseases.

Identification of microbiological agents and natural substances with potential for application in biocontrol systems.

The application and monitoring of advanced multidisciplinary methodologies to achieve decline detection and more sustainable forest management at EU level in the field of control and prevention of forest deterioration caused by invasive and pathogenic agents, taking into account their environmental and environmental impact. Socioeconomic.

The development of a tool that connects all the technology applied and the results obtained so far with end users generating tools for simple use so that all this means an advance in the application of the combination of laboratory techniques, evaluation in assembly and Remote detection with utility for users in general and forest managers in particular. Link to access the GIS platform Life Healthy Forest:

The dissemination of all results through technical and scientific publications, organization of workshops and workshops open to the general public and which are detailed in the EVENTS AND NEWS.

Summary about the results of the project.