The main objective of LIFE HEALTHY FOREST project is the design, application and monitoring of advanced methodologies to achieve a more sustainable forest management at EU level in the field of control and prevention of forest decline caused by invasive and pathogenic agents taking into account both their environmental and socio-economic impact.
To this purpose, the specific objectives are:

  1. Development of an innovative and unique integrated system to the early detection and evaluation of the impact of forest decline through the combination of expertise areas, encompassing from molecular to remote sensing techniques.
  2. Implementation of the early detection system in large-scale demonstration plots, giving a comprehensive vision of the status of forest health, as knowledge base for the EU policy.
  3. Implementation of a more accurate and cost effective sustainable forest management techniques based on the results of the innovative system, adapted to different pathogenic organisms and scenarios of forest decline, as well as analysis of the traditional management strategies with the perspective of adaptation and improvement to new and sustainable management strategies.
  4. Development and implementation of a GIS infrastructure for the estimation of economic and environmental impact of forest decline, causal agents and the detailed proposal of forest management activities applicable in the EU, assessing a key set of protocols of early detection of decline at different levels.
  5. Provision of baseline data and information on status of forest decline at different scales of analysis in relation with main invasive and pathogenic agents in the European Union in order to contribute to the improvement of detection, prevention and control of sustainable management strategies, policy and legislation about invasive and pathogenic species.
  6. Involvement of public and private stakeholders (both public institutions responsible for policy making and forest management, and private organisations related to the forest industry) to achieve replicability and transferability at EU level, as well as to increase awareness in the general public about the importance of sustainable forests.
  7. Contribution to the objectives of the New EU Forest Strategy and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020.